Utilize Hydraulic Walls in Restaurants, Industrial Complexes, Aviation, and More!

Going Above and Beyond

Open up your Business Up to Customers

From Serving windows to adding dining space on busy city streets, there are so many versatile applications

For Bars, create a secure connection between your indoor and outdoor area for the summer, and in the winter when it’s not in use, you don’t have to give up a wall

Durable, Simple, Clean, and Functional.

Having these as an addition to your restaurant brings your guests closer to you and together

Take the best advantage of the long Island Summers with indoor / outdoor eating and create precious space with your hydraulic walls

Institutional / industrial Applications

Open up your school’s lab or increase industrial capabilities with these single large bay doors that allow for easy movement of products and give you more room in the interior for work


Make your flying even more enjoyable with easy-access hangar doors

There’s no gap too big for a Powerlift door

With our largest door measuring over 112′ any application that you are looking for we can have a door custom made for you

Architecturally unique with Functionally and Reliability

Indoor / Outdoor Venues

Perfect for Community events such as outdoor markets, bars and music venues large and small as you don’t have to sacrifice what you put on the walls! Just open them when it’s nice and close them at the end of the night!

Explore More Creative Applications of Powerlift Doors

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