“Welding is what we do, and Design is our Passion.”

Sek Designs is Long Island’s premier name in metal fabrication and design with over 30 years experience. Customize your office, home, or restaurant with a one-of-a-kind piece or project that is specifically tailored to your needs. From outstanding creative direction to skilled craftsmanship, Sek Designs delivers unique custom fabrications for its clientele.

Sek Designs will work closely with you from the start to ensure the fabricated product is exactly what you envisioned. We work with all metal products including, but not limited to steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Utilizing the latest in technology, we are capable of bending, shearing, rolling, torch cutting, forging, and plasma cutting.
Sek Designs can create custom gates, elegant railings, countertops, signage, custom doors, ornamental decor and much more. No matter how complex the idea or design, Sek Designs relies on its years of experience and expertise to bring you the best in custom metal fabrication.

Privately owned and operated, Sek Designs is committed to excellence in custom welding and fabrication. Let us take your idea and transform it into reality.


Sek Designs’ 8000 square foot facility includes the machinery and equipment to cut, bend, roll, shear, forge, plasma cut, etc. all types of metals to create custom pieces. With an up to date fleet of trucks and mobile welders, Sek Designs has the capabilities to complete all jobs on site, and provide mobile repair services.


No matter what our clients have envisioned, Sek Designs has the capability to bring any idea to life. We take the time to get a thorough understanding of our clients’ visions and work closely with them to create and perfect what they are looking for. Our versatility includes custom pieces that can fit many genres, including, Rustic, Modern, Traditional, European, Contemporary, and Minimalistic.

Design & Development

From concept to creation, Sek Designs works closely with their clientele to bring their visions to life. Our experienced designers and team members work closely with our clients to help in the design process by giving ideas, insight and recommendations to create custom digital renderings based on their visions. Once our clients have happily designed and approved their renderings, our experienced welders and fabricators will bring the ideas to life.

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