Designs by SEK, Powerlift Doors & Hydaway Walls

Transforming spaces of all scales With walls that open at the push of a button

Residential Applications

Welcome the beautiful Long Island Summers into your home giving you new options for indoor / outdoor spaces or creating gazebos that can be used all year long!


Open your walls with the push of a button or via an app on your phone and within 15 seconds your entire space will be transformed


Join rooms together at the push of a button, Open your bar up to the outside. Or make your garage seamless for your house


Designed to withstand category 5 hurricanes, and with only 2 points of failure, these doors are guaranteed to last for lifetimes

Commercial Applications

Reliable with only 2 points of failure, these doors can span over 100 feet. However, they can be even more useful in interior spaces where their speed, reliability, and scalability shines

Customer Accessibility

Create an impressive entrance to your store or a way to move inventory easier through your warehouse

Large Scale Functionality

First developed for aircraft hangars, our Hydraulic walls can span distances of over 100 feet!

Simple & Practical

Make the most out of your space. Hydraulic walls add practicality that would otherwise be unachievable


Straps, Cables, or Hydraulic Pistons,

3 Ways of accomplishing the same job

Why Hydraulic Pistons are Best

Limited to only 2 points of failure

2 Pistons can open a wall spanning over 100 feet

When closed, they create a waterproof seal and are capable of withstanding Category 5 Winds

Use Hydaway hydraulic walls to have the pistons not be seen for high-end jobs

Full Technical support and installed by professionals

Hydraulic Advantages and FAQ

Learn more and explore our resources on why hydraulic walls are superior to all others

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