Advantages of Hydraulic

Built for a Lifetime of Performance

  • Our Product imposes lower structural loads than most door options
  • Our designs are simple, functional, and low maintenance.
  • Our all-welded panel construction has eliminated bolts and screws, which fatigue or loosen over time
  • Our Designs feature the tightest seal found in any door: when closed, the elements are kept outside.
  • We install and service Doors on Long Island so we ensure all installs are done correctly
  • The hinge blades are surrounded by, supported by, and welded through the entire header tube.
  • PowerLift hinges have a life expectancy measured in centuries, not years.

Powerlift and Hydaway

Powerlift Hydraulic Walls

Hydraulic Pistons are exposed and a part of the design

Original Patented design by Powerlift Doors

Hydaway Hydraulic Walls

Pistons are hidden retracting into the walls for a seamless close

Meshes better with modern residential applications

Hydraulic Vs Electric

Hydraulic Pistons are much stronger than their electric counterparts allowing them to be connected to larger walls that can take decorations. Additionally, they rotate the wall to 90° in 15 seconds which is 1/4 the time as their electric counterparts.

Hydraulic Vs Straps

Neatly tucked away into the corner with an option to be hidden away with our Hydaway brand, Hydraulic pistons seamlessly mesh into your home making them ideal for all applications compared to straps that need to be placed along the wall.

Hydraulic Vs Cables

Without the need for tracks, Hydraulic Pistons are far more versatile in where they can be placed and their applications. And without any parts of them exposed to the elements, they are free from rusting and corroding making them far more reliable.

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