Residential Applications

Open Your Home up to the World

Create Great Rooms That connect the inside and out to take advantage of the beautiful Long Island Summers

Transform your Home With the push of a button

Or at the touch of an App

Open your Hydraulic walls anywhere in your home so long as you are connected to Wifi

Quick opening in 15 seconds your hydraulic walls will be fully opened

Powerlift doors are rated to last a lifetime

Reliably keep the outside out at all times when they are closed, as they are rated to withstand Category 5 Hurricanes

Take inspiration from Others in using hydraulics to make your home unique

Connect your entertainment area to the outside
Create an Indoor / Outdoor Pool House

Make Your Garage fit in with Your House

Our Powerlift doors give rise to an unassuming entrance that compliments the style of your home

We Don’t Make Doorways, We make Walls that move

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